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The WorkLife Team offers these 1-Day Workshops:

Our philosophy is to provide an engaging and creative learning/working session. This approach blends delivery of leading-edge information based on research of best practices, with interactive exercises designed to assess organizational and staff challenges and then develop specific strategies, tools and ideas that can be used in the workplace with immediate results.

1. Making the Flexible Workplace "Work"!
For Executives, Managers, Supervisors and HR Professionals
  If you’re wondering how to successfully implement and manage flexible work arrangements this workshop is for you.

2. Building the Foundation for WorkLife Effectiveness
For WorkLife Committees and HR Professionals
  This workshop takes participants through the steps required to build the foundation for WorkLife Effectiveness suited to their organization.


3. Managing Time in a 24/7 World
For Teams and Staff at all Levels
  This workshop explores simple changes with big impacts including reducing day to day stress, promoting better WorkLife balance and enhancing productivity.

4. WorkLife Balance.
For all who Struggle to Juggle!

For Teams and Staff at all Levels
  Learn practical tips and tools to reduce stress and improve work-life balance.

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